Open Chillout Zones

Open Chillout Zones

For: Freelancer, Startup, Student

Services: Office Space, Tea, Coffee

Categories: Flexible Seats

Besides community,  the key ingredient of the best coworking space, chillout zones are of great importance as well. Actually the chillout zones are very important elements for coworking space.

There are two chillout zones at the 3rd floor. One is close to the main entrance and the terrace, with several sofas and cute chairs and two tables. The other is just inside the openspace with two sofas and a small desk. Whenever you want to get some relax, you can find a suitable place to do so.

At the -4th floor, there are also two chillout zones. One is with two seats and a desk at the corridor; the other is at the hall of the private offices area with a meeting table and some chairs, and two sofas as well.

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Coworking Space in Patna

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