Coming out of lockdown, many entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, and freelancers are choosing to opt virtual office space, thereby making it an increasingly popular choice. Traditionally, the businesses operate out of a workspace, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is becoming less common than ever due to the affordability of virtual office spaces. Virtual offices allow employees to work from any location while enjoying the perks of a traditional workspace.

Virtual office options.

As your business is operating and functioning remotely, so that packages we offer flexibility to choose the services according to your need. Compare them here, then get in touch with our team to start building your business’ presence.


Where exactly are you located?

The exact coordinates of OPLUS COWORK are 3r Floor, RK Niwas, Near Ishan International Girls School, Bailey Road, Rupashpur, Patna. The office is under 6km from Jay Prakash Narayan International airport.

How can I get there? Any public transports?
Any place for my car?

Yes, the area is well connected and you can easily find public transport from anywhere in Patna to reach here. Cabs from airport and railway station are also easily available due to the prime location.

What do you mean by high speed Internet?

Every  member gets a fast and secued Internet connection. To ensure the connection is fast, stable and reliable we’re working an independent Internet provider with fiber optics connection; located in the same building as ours. This means that if the connection is lost, we have provisions to ensure that it is back and running in no time.

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