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Startup Creative Mind Challenge

“How Innovative Are You? Ask question from yourself

  1. Do you want to progress in life ?
  2. You are ambitious?
  3. You are curious?
  4. You see opportunities?
  5. You are creative?
  6. You take action?
  7. Are you open for work on innovative and creative idea ?
  8. You feel continuously get fresh insights after working on idea ?
  9. Are you continuously see opportunities and get new ideas.
  10. Do you put a lot of effort in realising my new ideas.

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Inclusion and Development: Investing in human capital to reduce the social economic gap. In times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where technology and innovation are affecting the future of jobs by modifying the current business models, young people, businesses, and citizens in general, need to adjust their knowledge, skills, and mindset.

Benefits of Challenges

  1. Exploring new technologies
  2. Driving business innovation
  3. Sourcing incubation programs
  4. Creating potential startups
  5. Branding of products/organization
  6. Creating solutions for social causes
  7. Analyzing data to make predictions
  8. Rewarding innovative thinking
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"How Innovative Are You? Ask question from your self